Thursday, February 12, 2009

thursday... less than 24 hours before i am enroute to costa rica!... vintage oversized jaeger dress, zero belt, tea dyed collar, animal print lululemon leggings, black tall costume national boots, coco earrings, amethyst and gold ring that belonged to my mom's dad, studded bracelett, gold watch, nars "london" grey eyeliner, glossy lips ( chanel #65), braid in hair, deep desire for warm hot sun x


meg said...

I love your hair like this, and the whole outfit, so darling as are your writing and popping by for a visit...cheers!

ljf said...

your fingernails in that photo are my "QUIT BITING YOUR NAILS NOW LAURA JANE"-spiration. have fun in sunshine, i am presently motivating myself to walk one block in the snowfall and ugh so cannnnn't. no! i CAN!