Tuesday, March 31, 2009

tuesday...day with my andrea(hurray), black 3.1 philip lim trousers, black stipey trouser socks, black canvas sk8-lo vans, red rachel comey silk blouse with tie, chanel pearls, crystal, coco earrings, beloved helmut lang jean jacket bought in montreal in 1998, golden chanel eyeliner, comme des garcons 71 cologne, cartier watch, rings, blonder hair and love. x

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Brainz said...

Dearest, isn't it wonderful that the sunshine is here? I see you sporting vans, are you aware that you can *gasp* design your own?

for 70 buxk you can be wearin' a ridiculous shoe...but why not? summer is here and i believe in ridiculous shoes, silly watches, and ridiculous underwear.do you?

ps: I walk by zara everyday and the stella mccartney knockoffs are just glaring at me. what does a seasoned lady think of a gal walking with a beautiful 80 dollar silk jacket that's clearly a dud in the eyes of somebody in the know? This is a pressing issue with the slumpy economy-maybe a new column to shed light on this?