Saturday, June 6, 2009 to the and cream striped j.crew beach tunic, gold haviannas flip flops, black olden eyelit shorts from club monaco, gold hoop earrings with drop made by sarah magid, bikini poses, araks cream bandeau top and bottoms and SUNSHINE X


Ms. M said...

hi. i check out your blog from time to time. was surprised to see that your stomach is sooo flat. i'm curious... what is your exercise routine? yoga, pilates?

i would love to know. trying to get tones in that area.


karyn starr said...

lots of moving my body...pilates 2 times a week ( i study with beth meyers in williamsburg ( pilates is definitely the most core focused work i do), i walk a lot ( over the bridge to work and back), yoga( i practice @ kula yoga project in tribeca and vira yoga in soho),i drink lots of water and i don't eat a lot of sugar aside from berries and chocolate and i think there may be a link.x

Anonymous said...