Tuesday, January 12, 2010

tuesday... black seven maternity 5 pocket leggings, grey uniqlo t-shirt, beloved agnes b blazer, navy rachel comey woolen hooded scarf, liberty scarf worn as head wrap, gold jennifer meyer disc studs and coco earring, pearl with crystal necklace, navy nails, black and gold matta bracelet, gold alexis bittar bobble ring, grey eyes, black arche booties with buckle, chanel number 5 and 37 weeks of love growing inside x


Cate said...

cutest. belly.

thinking of you and your little guy, karyn. you look glorious.

maggie said...

Yeah Karyn! You look great! Love seeing your updates
on your blog. I'm 6 months along and just starting to show.
When are you due?
Xo, Maggie

karyn starr said...

feb 2 is the due date! so it could be today or a month from now! we are so excited.

janustrio said...

you look so cute!!! i hope he's a groundhog like me (beth)