Wednesday, July 14, 2010

wednesday... red stella mcartney dress, black and gold matta beads, red, blue and gold hermes scarf on head, rings, white minnetonka kilty driving mocs, gold bangle from bird, chanel chance green and love for little lou who is 5 months today! X


Anonymous said...

....most people just stand back from the camera doing formal poses!

I am quite astonished that you could keep up such a unique approach for so long....having only just chanced upon your blog, I did skip right back to the beginning just to see, and yes; you certainly started as you meant to carry on....wonderfully celebratory....guessing the word I ought to use is 'joie de vivre' except I am less secure bandying about french words.

Anonymous said...

....still enchanted, stuck way back in september 2008; what an amazing month, outfit wise.

Ought to have guessed New York, English people are far too tightly buttoned, to be indulging freewheeling 'photo booth' processions.

Amazed you have relatively few comments, I would expect a following of thousands, though comments of the 'fluffy-sweet, saying-nothing' variety do bore me somewhat...I must apologise for being back so quickly, but cannot help expanding upon my initial 'wow' reaction.

Must tell my friend Anais to take a peek, she shall approve of all the chanel touches immensely.

karyn starr said...

thanks love. i have englishness inside of me too.i imagine you will like october 2009 as well. X

Anonymous said...

...dizzying to be going through the archives too much...the effect becomes like a flicker book, where the poses become a dance of sorts, but I feel I see less for flitting past too quickly, and it really is enough to try and keep up with new posts. Good to have hidden treasures though, rainy day inspirations, perhaps.

Sent my friend Anais over to see, being sure she would be delighted, but she declared you to be 'barking' which is not really a compliment which ever way you choose to interpret the phrase; barking in a good way, I hope...Anais lectured in fashion, you would think she might be more open towards the photo booth groove !

A little english, you say...I would be tempted to interpret this as the lace collar influence, but I am probably wrong. They are the most whimsical affectations and yet they really do work for you, as a look.