Monday, August 2, 2010

monday... navy and white a.p.c madras shorts, navy and white polka dot miu miu flats, red silk rachel comey blouse, white charles nolan paper mache pearls from andrea and brendan, crystal necklace,white swatch, white ring, gold rings, gold jill platner stud earrings, black and gold matta beads around head and the real reasonigetupinthemorning x


Anonymous said...

i found your blog through via! I am about to become a mom, myself, and I truly love your blog! I have 3 questions for you! you have any tips on looking good while pregnant? 2. how did/do you stay in shape? 3. Are there any "must-have" baby items that you love?
I know these questions are silly, but I admire your style and want advice from someone who has great taste!! Thank you!!

karyn starr said...

thank you so much. really. congratulations on your babe. there is nothing more magic. our hearts are cracked open.

1. yes always wear a slim bottom! how far along are you? i loved the maternity black seven 5 pocket leggings, you can get at pea in the pod. wear mini skirts too! with opaque tights, i liked mama spanx, or the sarah blakely ones you can buy at target! or right now wear short shorts. and never wear a baby doll shaped anything! highlight the parts of you that look less pregnant, arms, neck, legs!

2.i work hard to stay in shape.i really love to exercise. before i was pregnant... yoga, pilates, riding my bike, skiing in winter etc...about 5 days a week.

during pregnancy in my first trimester... lots of pre-natal yoga and walking though i felt pretty ill so i chilled. 2nd trimester, walking a lot, prenatal yoga, and pilates. 3rd trimester swimming, lots and lots of walking and pilates.

now I have just been getting back into shape.i walked lots during my maternity leave and since about 3 months post-partum i have been doing pilates when I can,still walking and I just started riding my bike again last week! I also eat frequently and very healthy, lots of avocados( average about 1 a day!), fish, local meat and whole grains and drink a lot of water!

3. yes a didymos wrap sling, look on or or a and also aden and anais swaddle blankets. and good organic olive oil is what i use on his skin after a bath.

life is happy most of the time. said...

motherhood looks so good on you darling!
your baby is beyond adorable!
you are a true inspiration to all us gals!
thank you so very much for sharing, i love it all!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much! such wonderful tips!! After the baby is born, I think I'll have to plan a White-Starr Personal Shopping Trip to NYC in the spring!! That would be so much fun!