Thursday, June 16, 2011

thursday... red plaid cotelac acoute cotton jumpsuit, black espadrilles, black and silver yigal head scarf, chanel pearls, rings, white swatch, gold eyeliner, le labo santal perfume and love x


life is happy most of the time. said...

this is my new favorite outfit! want to live in that orange jumper forever!! love the headband also! looking fab as always!! xx

Anonymous said...

...hoping you shall be fine, while the storm passes (over which opinion here appears divided into two schools, allowing for it either being a big deal, or not)

katiekentucky said...

Hey Karyn, I miss your posts! I have a question for you: I have been searching for the perfect pair of washed-out blue bellbottoms, and your "made in heaven" jeans are just perfect! I Googled the brand to no avail. If you happen to see this comment, would you mind dropping me a line and telling me where I might find a pair? They're amazing!