Friday, January 9, 2009

friday... just got home, late post after long day... a detacher green wool trousers with gold industrial zipper, black clu t-shirt, pearls, pluma feather head band, pearsl, coco earrings, baume and mercier gold watch, gold giles and brothers bangels, number 6 studded bracelett, rings, purple marni-ish nail polish, cle de peu #26 lips, black suede prada sport boots, bond 09 bleeker street cologne, j.crew peacoat, wool plaid scarf ( once grandpa starr's blanket, fuzzy pink/beige hat from pinky otto and yummy dinner from little giant x


Miss Brainz said...

The pants, what a success!

meg said...

Oh, I like, I like...very Pretty in Pink. And it isn't a bad thing.