Saturday, January 24, 2009

saturday afternoon... vintage oversized jaeger wool dress, zero belt, white cotton collar fastened with a gold safety pin and crystal, black seven legging, chain and ribbon headband( on hair that needs to be cut), black tall costume national boots x

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Anonymous said...

....oh, it is impossible to dodge the truth, and a dull chore to pretend otherwise, which must allow for my confessing, again admitting to being quite smitten with these caught is mostly the lace collars, I think, those antique touches that carry an eternal delicate splendour and remind me of Modigliani paintings, or the still silences of Vermeer which your poses sometimes evoke, conspiring to present a classical pose amidst so much mere fooling.

If Balanchine were around he would choreograph a ballet, in your honour, I am sure, and need do little to transfer the idea to the stage.

Far too cool to admit you might be an influence on my wardrobe sense, but I steal a little from here and borrow a touch from there...this month is another classic.

...and here in England it rains.