Sunday, January 11, 2009 rag and bone leggings, jill sander wedge boots, sonia rykiel black long sleeve t-shirt, cream luts and patmos handknit sweater, pluma feather headband, comme des garcons 71 cologne and love x


Sarah said...

...I cant believe I saw it LIVE!, I love you and your cream sweater! VIVA GIANTS!

Brainz said...

Dear Karyn,
Thank you for the kind words on my blog. Karl Fischl is truly one of my favrites, you should check out some of his interviews about his interest in reworking luxury materials in a casual way. I look at a ton of jewelry since I design some, but his work is TRULY unprescedented as far as I've seen.

PS: I saw your stylist handiwork, and let me just say that you and your partner as an inspiration in smart dressing. My best friend is essentially stealing your hairdo, and I am invigorated by your nononsense approach to style. Thanks again :)